The Treworgy Experience

At Treworgy's, we offer pick-your-own apples, berries, pumpkins and squash on 42-acres of scenic Maine countryside. Nestled between our pond and barn are rows of apple trees and the freshest berries and pumpkins for baking. 

Get a survey of the land first by taking a tour of the farm on our horse-drawn wagon, or wander around at your own pace and enjoy the beauty of the fields and orchards.

We provide bags, boxes, totes, and wagons for all your produce picking needs. Or, if you’re in a hurry, visit our store for already picked apples, pumpkins, squash,  and summertime berries.

Why Pick-Your-Own?

Visiting a farm and picking your own fruits and vegetables can be a memorable experience for families. In addition to the many obvious benefits like better health, exercise and time spent together, there are many lifelong lessons as well.

Today’s children are increasingly separated from the process of how food is grown, picked and brought to the table. Choosing your own food fresh from the farm teaches children about science, health and nutrition. 

Plus, shopping farm-fresh fruits and vegetables offers the following:

Better taste
Unbeatable freshness
Better retention of nutrients
Support for local farmers
You will always know where your food has come from!

Perhaps the best benefit of picking your own produce, however, is making memories with your family. (It makes for great photos, too!) 

You can extend the experience at home when you and your family make delicious pies or other treats with your freshly picked produce. Visit our recipes page for some of our favorite dishes.