Our Family's Story

Gary driving a hay wagon

The pick-your-own experience has been at the heart of everything we do, right from the beginning.

In 1983, when Gary retired from the Merchant Marines, he had a dream to spend more time with his family and build an apple orchard. He envisioned a place where friends and neighbors could pick their own fruit. So he and Patty bought 42 acres of land — really just a pond and a cornfield — and planted the first apple trees a year later. 

Gary, Patty and their two children moved to the farm in 1985 and waited for the first trees to mature. Just as the trees were ready to bear fruit, however, the orchard was completely destroyed by round-headed apple-tree borers, small beetles that make tunnels in an apple tree’s trunk and disrupt its ability to move water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves. 

Our family’s dream seemed to be slipping away.

But we still had each other, and together, we can do anything. With faith and determination, we replanted. And by 1995, we sold our first apples.

Today there are more than 18 family members and countless friends who help us run the farm. From our ice cream shop and petting zoo to our famous corn maze and concert series, we are always dreaming up new things to do “at the farm.” 

Our goal today is much like Gary’s original vision in 1983: to spend time with family and to create a place where other families can join in the experience of a family farm.

There’s no other place we’d rather be than right here, working together as a family and with our community, providing some old-fashioned, wholesome fun for everyone who visits us.  We hope each of our guests leaves feeling a little closer to the land and to the family farming tradition.