Annie Treworgy

I’m Annie, Gary and Patty’s youngest daughter. To my many nieces and nephews, I’m “Chief Auntie,” but I am the Barn Manager and own and take care of all the goats, so you could say I’m the “Goat Mom,” too.

I have a four-year degree in Worship from the International House of Prayer University in Kansas City and am currently studying music at UMaine-Orono. When I’m not at the farm, I like to play the piano, sing, read, and follow my family members on their vacations. 

I love the hayloft and the path behind the pond, but don’t ask me to choose my favorite animal. They are all my favorites. (I do have a special love for Fran the draft horse tough!)

I have been present for every single year of pumpkin planting since I was six years old. One year, however, while I was away at school, I missed the apple season. Boy, did I miss having a good, juicy apple! I’m also partial to Mummy’s apple pies.