Patty Treworgy

I wear many hats around here. I’m Gary’s wife, Mom to Chrissy, Robin and Annie, and Nana to all the grandchildren. I started and ran just about everything on this farm from planting the first trees, to running summer camp for almost two decades, to building and running the kitchen. When I’m not working, I enjoy sewing, cross-country skiing, playing with the grandchildren and bicycling.

I have a B.S. in food nutrition from the University of Maine and a master’s in Human Development, with an emphasis on nutrition, also from UMaine. I've taught high school science and Spanish on and off for years and currently teach part time at Penobscot Christian School. 

My favorite animal on the farm is Fred the draft horse. My favorite treat is an apple crisp. And I can’t wait until our peach trees start to mature!