Robin Pellerin

I’m Robin, Gary and Patty’s middle daughter and Matt’s wife and around here I'm the Office Manager, Director of HR and Compliance, and bookkeeper. I have a B.S. in biology from the University of Maine, with a minor in sustainable agriculture (go figure!). I also have a master’s in teaching, with a focus in high school science. 

I’ve lived on this farm since I was 1-year old. My first job was picking rocks out of the field. Dad paid me and Chrissy one penny per rock. Today, I do most of the human relations work here at Treworgy, and I love working with our employees. I get to make sure everyone is comfortable, fed, warm and happy. It’s a lot like managing my family (Matt and I have 5 children). 

When I’m not at the farm, I like to figure skate. Turns out, I love the spotlight. Matt and I also enjoy contradances, Maine lakes and staying up late with my sisters and brother-in-law to play games. Always a party!

My favorite pick-your-own fruits here are the raspberries and apples. I have many favorite animals (just not Mitchell the donkey), and the best recipe? Well, that’s Mom’s apple pie. No contest there.