Jon Kenerson

I’m Jonathan, Patty and Gary’s son-in-law and Chrissy’s husband. I am the Chief Executive Officer for the farm and I LOVE my job. I have a master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Maine and worked for a number of years building bridges and doing campus ministry before leading the farm full time. 

I grew up across the street from the farm and spent most of my teenage years pretending to be interested in working on the farm, but really just trying to spend time with Chrissy. We fell in love on the bench by the pond, had our first kiss behind the barn, and later, celebrated our wedding reception on the hilltop.

What I love best about farming is the relationships and growing the people. Sure we grow fruit, but it’s the people that I love the most. We have an amazing team of people that ranges from a young teenager who’s never worked anywhere else before to Gary and Patty who started this whole thing and still work in the business. As the leader I get to coach and encourage people to do more than they thought they could, learn how to work together, and provide a wicked good picking experience for all our guests.