2019 Orchard Concert Series

Our Orchard Concert Series features some of the best of New England folk music.

Concerts are free to the public and happen on select fall weekend dates from 1:00-3:30 p.m.

Make sure to mark your calendar and gather the family to come and enjoy excellent music at the orchard this fall.

Sunday September 15, and Saturday September 28

Chasing North


"Just a group of musicians united by a love of Maine, music, and Jesus. We're local to the city of Bangor, but travel around the state playing songs that people love! Really genuine, pretty adventurous, kinda weird, and sort of talented."


Sunday, September 29


RIPTIDE PLAYS TRADITIONAL MUSIC for contra dances. They are one of the most energetic contra dance bands on the scene today. They love the tunes they play, and their repertoire contains literally hundreds of tunes from New England, Quebec, Ireland, Appalachia, and a few other places.

RIPTIDE features Glen Loper on mandolin, Alden Robinson on fiddle, Owen Marshall on guitar, and the legendary Mark "Pokey" Hellenberg on percussion. 


Saturday October 5th

Peregrine Road.jpg

Peregrine Road

Peregrine Road features two seasoned and versatile musicians who have quickly become known together as a power duo capable of an incredible range of styles. Karen Axelrod and Rachel Bell perform energetic Celtic reels, heartbreakingly beautiful waltzes, mesmerizing French village dance tunes, lively originals, elegant English country dance tunes, tasty blues riffs, and more. Outrageous travel stories and interesting tidbits about multicultural traditions add both an educational and entertaining dimension to each concert.


Sunday October 13

FB Event Treworgy-Inked Instruments.jpg

Orono Contraband

Tough End String Band serves a spicy brew of acoustic music: old-time, bluegrass, jazz, and more! The members for this event are: Anthony Viselli on mandolin & fiddle, Sam Furth on guitar, Paul Riechmann on bass – and special guest, John Viselli on multiple instruments











Saturday October 6



Hailing from Maine, Julia Plumb (fiddle, foot percussion) and Baron Collins-Hill (tenor guitar, mandolin) play original and traditional fiddle tunes from New England, Quebec, Appalachia, Scandinavia, and the British Isles. They play with a tight, close sound, staying true to the tunes and bolstering them with with driving dance rhythms and sweet harmonies. Julia and Baron are thoughtful teachers and experienced players, performing for dances, concerts, weddings, and other events. As the duo Velocipede, the synergy of Julia and Baron’s playing is manifest. Whether delivering a ripping set of reels for a contra dance, teaching crooked tunes from their journeys to Quebec at a workshop, or harmonizing with an achingly beautiful march in concert, Velocipede is sure to catch listeners’ ears and set toes tapping.