The 2016 corn maze is now open!

Our corn maze is the longest continually running corn maze in Maine. 

Since 2001, we have been delighting the community with this fall tradition, always in a new, surprising design. From the giant piece of popcorn in, the one that started it all, to 2016’s intricate “The Good Knight and the Dragon,” each year’s design seems to out-do the last. (Come see pictures of all our designs in the cafe, or at the bottom of this page.)

And to make the experience even more fun, we always include a special map with riddles for you to figure out as you visit “stations” inside the maze. If you complete the puzzle and bring your map to the cafe, you’ll get a free soft-serve ice cream cone.

Find the center of the maze and sign your name on the Hall of Fame Board.

Ready for an extra challenge? Come visit us for our yearly Night Maze.

No matter how you tackle the maze, you’ll always find a way out — eventually — and we know you’ll have a great time trying.


Adults: $8.00
Children 3-12: $7.00
Children 2 and under: FREE

Groups of 10-19 receive a 10% discount. 
Groups of 20 or more receive a $1 discount per ticket.             Military discount 10% 

How We Make The Maze

Each year’s maze begins with an idea for a design, and our whole family participates. Once we have a theme, it’s time to plant. 

About 60,000 corn plants make up each 4-acre maze, and most of the stalks grow up to 10 feet tall. (The extra height makes the maze more challenging and fun!) 

We carve out the pathways, create maps and set up the “stations” with riddles.

When the maze season ends, we till the stalks back into the ground to increase the soil’s fertility for next year. 

Our Mazes