Orchard Concert Series

Our Orchard Concert Series features some of the best of New England folk music.

Concerts are free to the public and happen every Fall weekend from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Make sure to mark your calendar and gather the family to come and enjoy excellent music at the orchard this fall.

Saturday, September 17

Floyds Row

A British-American ensemble formed in Oxford (UK), FLOYDS ROW explores early, folk, and classical idioms. Fusing different styles, FLOYDS ROW often pulls from the early British repertoire: works by Tobias Hume (c.1579-1645), Henry Purcell (1659-1695), Solomon Eckles (1618-1683), Thomas Campion (1567-1620), John Cooper / Coprario (c.1570-1626), Francesco Barsanti (1690-1775), and numerous others. Additionally, FLOYDS ROW will often incorporate new folk/classical works.





Sunday, September 18



Kangaralien is a Boston-based acoustic guitar duo. It shouldn't be surprising that their music calls to mind traces of progressive rock bands like Rush and Porcupine Tree, as its two members, Eric Clemenzi and Steve Belleville, met playing in a Dream Theater tribute band. But anything more than a passing listen displays a range of influences including bluegrass, jazz, and classical. If you sit close enough to the speakers, you may even hear the faint smells of a kangaroo thinking of a spaceship.




Sunday, October 2

Sassafras Stomp

Sassafras Stomp is a high-energy, dance-band duo with one foot in mid-coast Maine and one foot in western Montana. Weaving together diverse fiddle traditions with a strong rhythmic sensibility, fiddler Johanna Davis and guitarist Adam Nordell build a rich, dynamic contradance sound marked by driving foot percussion and sweet harmony vocals.






Saturday October 8


Innovative acoustic music, created by Jamie Oshima and Ed Howe, both of Whitefield, ME.  Jamie’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist and striking vocals pairs with Ed’s bluegrass and dance fiddling improvisation from the soul.

Barefoot play music from Maine in the traditional New England fiddle style blended with folk and funk.











Sunday October 9

Denny Breau

Denny Breau’s rhythmically flawless and dazzlingly clear style allows him to do amazing and stunning things with a six-string guitar. He first draws in an audience with a finely arranged melody and then slides effortlessly into scorching fingerwork that sets ears aflame. The lighting fast guitar lines that seem almost humanly impossible to accomplish are balanced with those that have a quiet intimacy and wrap tenderly around his carefully crafted songs. He mixes genres with ease — folk, Delta blues, country and jazz — “creating a totally accessible musical mélange that captivates as it entertains,” according to Lucky Clark writing for the Kennebec (Maine) Journal.

Denny is a triple threat: a consummate picker, evocative songwriter, and a singer with a ” voice that is warm and inviting but completely unpretentious— much like the singer himself,” according to Lucky Clark. Mainers have long considered Denny a “must –see,” but they are happy to share a favorite son with those “from away.”