Jon Kenerson

I’m Jonathan, Patty and Gary’s son-in-law and Chrissy’s husband. I am the Chief Executive Officer for the farm and I LOVE my job. I have a master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Maine. 

I grew up across the street from the farm and spent most of my teenage years pretending to be interested in working on the farm, but really just trying to spend time with Chrissy. We fell in love on the bench by the pond, had our first kiss behind the barn, and later, celebrated our wedding reception on the hilltop.

Treworgy’s blueberries are my absolute favorite treat here (along with the vanilla ice cream I eat every day in the summer). Don’t tell Matt, but every year when he's not looking, I harvest 70 pounds of blueberries and hide them in my freezer. I then put them in EVERYTHING: smoothies, muffins, cobbler, oatmeal, pies.