Discover the secrets of farming!


What better way to unplug and enjoy your surroundings than on a horse-drawn farm tour? 

Great for leaf-peeping, scouting out your family’s next great pumpkin, viewing the corn maze, or just enjoying the scenic farm views, a horse-drawn wagon ride is good, old-fashioned fun.

Led by our two Belgian-Suffolk draft horses, Fred and Fran, our wagon tours at Treworgy Family Orchards are a perennial favorite. (Read more about Fred and Fran below!) Feel the late-autumn sun on your face, hear the leaves crunching beneath the horses’ feet, and learn the secrets of farming from one of our knowledgeable farm friends. 

As you and your family travel the farm, we’re happy to answer anything you might want to know about farming.

Popular questions include:

    Why is the corn maze planted in a different location each year?
    How do you plant a corn maze so that it will grow into a certain shape?
    Why are the pumpkins planted on raised beds?
    Do apples ripen faster in the refrigerator or at room temperature?
    How did the Treworgy family decide to start a farm? (Read our story here!)

Meet Fred and Fran

Fred and Fran are actually twins, which is very rare. It’s especially rare for both twins to survive birth. Unfortunately, however, Fred and Fran’s mother did not survive their birth in the year 2000. 

Just like human twins, Fred and Fran were not born at exactly the same time. Fran is a [few minutes] older than her brother. At first, Fred was not expected to survive, but with a little TLC and bottle feeding, he pulled through to grow up with Fran.

Fran is a bit mischievous. She is brave, silly and definitely in charge of her brother.

Fred follows Fran’s lead. He is mellower, but also more easily scared. 

Because they both were bottle fed from birth, Fran and Fred are very comfortable around people. They are friendly and relaxed with our farm visitors, and they love to give wagon rides.